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Our commitment to Health and Safety is second to none. We are your H&S Partner. We understand that the New Zealand Health and Safety scene is sharpening and that we and you have clear responsibilities as the person conducting a business or undertaking.

It is our duty to help you manage risk on your site. In particular, our primary duty of care is to ensure that our pre-qualified staff is not put at risk from the work they carry out on your site but equally that they do not create any unnecessary risks on your site.

We aim to drive and instil a health and safety culture that is driven from the top down, and to contribute to safe working spaces for our clients and candidates.

We will take all practicable steps and work with you to make that happen.


Commitment to Safety

RLM's areas of focus for safety is in the Labour Hire division of the company. This is where the safety risk is to the business, so as well as creating a safe in-house culture, the focus of risk is aimed towards the safety of our on-hire workers in the construction, civil, and manufacturing fields.

RLM has a strong commitment to safety and and working collaboratively and in co-ordination with our clients site-specific needs.  

Health and Safety Policy

Covid-19 Protocols

RLM pride themselves on lead-indicator activity out in the field. This starts from the moment a worker steps into our RLM offices for registration, to being placed on site and continuing to be monitored on site. In the event of an injury, we are ready to act and be present to assist the worker and our client to get the best possible outcome especially where it might be of a serious nature. We have injury management systems in place with a pastoral approach should a serious incident happen along with return to work plans. 


Cooperation, Collaboration & Coordination

Due to the nature of our business, it is not possible for us to be on site supervising and working alongside our on-hire workers on a daily basis. RLM has designed a robust safety management system to ensure that fit for purpose workers are placed with our clients and that their aftercare is maintained. Ensuring that we are working with our clients and their site supervisors to ensure this is a key focus. 

"We work with you, to get the best person to you, so that your project can run smoothly."

We are committed to working with our clients to make sure our workers are in a safe and managed space. We have a range of safety documentation, agreements and checks which will enable this with a focus on continued communication around risks to our workers, our clients and ourselves.


Our workers:

  • Receive a RLM health and safety induction prior to coming onto your site
  • Will be placed with you according to their competencies your needs
  • Will benefit when you conduct a thorough health and safety induction once they arrive on site
  • Understand that they need to take part in reporting hazards on site and reporting all incidents
  • Understand that RLM Recruitment Consultants can help them and you investigate all incident reported
  • Expect to take part in spot checks on site undertaken by our RLM Recruitment Consultants who have been trained to help staff raise any health and safety issues and help you work towards a workable resolution of those issues

RLM is committed to providing you with healthy, safe, practical and competent staff. RLM is also committed to working with you to make sure that our staff stays healthy and safe while they work on your site.



Below are a few testimonials from clients with regards to our consultants and health and safety practices.


"Derrick and Jareth are great to work with and have provide a string of fantastic people.   H&S at RLM is best in the industry.  All workers are kitted out with PPE Derrick inspects the site quite frequently.   No other labour company I’ve used does this"

Tony Swortzel, Site Manager.


"I have been involved with RobLawMax in both aspects of their business first as a labour hire worker and then as the recipient of their professional services. 
In 2015 I approached RobLawMax to be placed as an employee, during the time I worked with them they were an excellent employer their representative (Jordan) looked after all my needs and checked in on me every month. 

At the end of 2015 I was looking for a change and Jordan helped me into a better role more suited to my abilities with both professional advice and placement.  That kick started my career and has led to much bigger roles. 

After leaving them I am now in the position of having the benefit of their professional services, the supply of labour to a project that I presently work on as the Health and Safety manager. 

I find their services very professional, they provide very good staff, manage those staff very well and are very quick to assist us as a client in all capacities around the supply and management of labour hire staff. "

Mike Sarten, Health and Safety Manager, M2PP


"We have been using Rob Law Max (RLM) for temporary and permanent labour force for approximately 5 years.

The relationship between us and RLM in a Health & Safety capacity is a strong one.  This is due to a good relationship with the Construction Consultant Jordan Delaney and having strong safety practices and procedures.  We also believe our values are aligned and we both prioritise staff being “good to go home at the end of the day”.  We have found RLM quick to respond with any safety issue and one of their strengths is their safety processes, ability to do what they say they are going to do with good follow up.  COVID-19 was a good example of this and we are grateful to RLM and Jordan for their communication and processes quickly being rolled out.

We have been fortunate enough for RLM to place some good guys with us, over the years, that are now operating machinery in a full-time capacity.  The guys and girls we recruit normally are brought into our environmental team where we see if they have what it takes and it also gives them a taste for the Civil Construction industry.  Allowing staff to see how things work and introduces them to procedures.  Not everyone works out, but they are given every opportunity from RLM and us to better themselves and learn new skills.  Should this industry not work out for these candidates, they leave Goodmans and RLM with a knowledge and understanding with new transferable skills. 

If we have any safety issues with the candidates from RLM, the team are straight onto it and sorts them or things out promptly.  RLM also have a good reporting system in place for reporting any incidents and follow good practices with post incident drug testing, good paper work tracing of the incident with good communication with the client keeping us informed. 

We would like to acknowledge the good relationship with RLM over the years and look forward to continuing this in the future"

Tony Mckay, Health and Safety Coordinator


"I’ve found RLM to be great communicators, proactively notifying us of any H&S issues that may crop up and quickly resolving any issues we make them aware of. The team at RLM go the extra mile to make themselves part of our team."

Daniel O'Connor, Health and Safety Manager


Let's all be safe out there! 


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