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RobLawMax Helps UK & Ireland Construction & Engineering Professionals Reach New Heights

​If you’re a Construction or Engineering specialist struggling to advance your career in the UK or Irish markets, or are sick of being stuck on the tube to work each morning, we’ve got some excellent news. Right now, the Commercial and Residential Construction and Engineering industries in New Zealand and Australia are booming. In fact, some of the largest projects this side of the hemisphere has seen in 50 years are getting ready to go, and because your unique skills and experiences are in high demand, RobLawMax are extending to the UK and Ireland to help people find a better career and quality of life down under.

Whether you’re a Kiwi or Australian living overseas and want to return home or an international Construction Manager looking for a better lifestyle and the next step in your career, we have an exclusive service designed to help connect you with the best Construction and Engineering opportunities throughout Australia and New Zealand. Here’s everything you need to know.

Why Make the Move to Australia or New Zealand?

It’s a fantastic time to be in Construction or Engineering in Australasia. Despite a decline in west coast mining in Australia, huge amounts of capital are being invested in the country’s infrastructure and we’re seeing some incredibly exciting projects cross our desks. The outlook in New Zealand is even more positive with the economy being stable and growing, reaching its third surplus in a row this year. The next ten years for New Zealand’s Construction and Engineering industries look incredibly strong with heavy investment going into the country’s infrastructure, including a residential boom to coincide the drop-off of house building in the UK over the next year or two, and one of the largest airport development projects the country has ever seen is currently underway.

The strong state and outlook of New Zealand’s and Australia’s economies aren’t the only thing to consider though. There are nearly nine times more people in London than there are in Auckland, and twice as many than there are in Sydney and Melbourne. So, by moving to any of these cities you’ll immediately have more of an ability to stand out and it’ll be significantly easier to be in the top 10% of your profession, whether it’s Quantity Surveying or Design Engineering. Aside from that, the quality of life is considerably higher in New Zealand and Australia, ranked #7 and #8 respectively in the Quality of Life Index, whilst the UK ranks at #16 and Ireland at #21. Most of Australasia’s population live and work less than an hour away from the sea. It’s something we Australians and Kiwis take for granted but how often do you get to relax by the beach after work or have a BBQ by the seaside on Boxing Day?

How Can RobLawMax Help Me Move to Australia or New Zealand?

We’ve been in the business of connecting Construction and Engineering professionals to the best career opportunities in New Zealand and Australia for over 25 years, and we’ve built strong relationships with our Australian and Kiwi clients. Now we’re bringing that experience and expertise, and those relationships, to the UK and Ireland. Although Australasian markets are fast rising and your skills are in demand, it’s difficult to access the right opportunities at the right time remotely. That’s where RobLawMax can make a huge difference.

Our exclusive service provides you, a British and Irish Construction and Engineering specialist or Australian and Kiwi ex-pat, a chance to have an advocate on the ground here in New Zealand or Australia. One of our consultants will evaluate your needs, destination, and options, and provide any advice you may need whilst connecting you with the right role for your career. If you’re a returning Kiwi or Australian, you won’t need to go back to your home town, as we have fantastic opportunities ranging across both countries.


As a Construction or Engineering professional with experience in commercial or residential development, Australia and New Zealand have a lot to offer you. In terms of career development, there are fewer people here but far more opportunities for you to progress your career in a direction that suits you. Aside from that, Australia and New Zealand also boast a much better quality of life including less rain, more sunshine and plenty of leisure activities to keep you busy, from surfing, kayaking, hiking, fishing, diving, and boating, it’s a far cry from being stuck on the tube or on the A1. To find out what Australia or New Zealand could offer you, get in touch with us today.