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5 Reasons to Get Started as a Contractor in the Construction, Engineering & Design Sectors

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Contracting is not a new concept. It is something however which is gaining more and more momentum in our buoyant economy, and it does look like it will continue to grow, with the reality of a “gig economy” becoming more normalised in New Zealand – providing plenty of opportunities for those who choose to take this path. Due to the demand for skilled professionals in the Construction, Design & Engineering industry, the rewards are at an all-time high, and the risks at an all-time low.

No Better Time to Get Started

The worlds of construction, engineering, architecture in New Zealand are crazy at the moment. It is so busy and competitive that the talent landscape is providing opportunities for a transient workforce. With the balance of power between talent and employer leaning more and more towards the talent, it would be recommended for skilled professionals to at least consider the opportunity to go contracting.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether contracting is right for you. A permanent role espouses safety and security, even though in reality, it’s only as secure as your notice period. Contracting brings a few unique benefits to the table. Put simply it pays more, it gives you more control over your own destiny and offers you the variety that only contingent working can provide.

Payroll or Invoice Options That Work for You

If the thought of not having a regular paycheque is off-putting, there are various types of contracting engagements available. We have two core options: setting yourself up as a sole trader or a listed company, where you and your Accountant look after your tax responsibilities, or working as a PAYE wage earner for RobLawMax, contracted out to the client you’re working with. There is a bit of extra work with the former options, so it will be up to you as to whether or not the payoff is worth the effort. However, the key thing here is that you have the flexibility to set it up however you like. Working with RobLawMax, we’re happy for you to utilise any of the above arrangements, or switch between them at any time – this is the flexibility that contracting brings to the table. For us, it’s about making it easier for you to be successful.

Variety is the Spice of Life

As a contractor in the Construction and Engineering space, there is also the opportunity for you to gain a variety of work. The flexibility and variety which is inherent in contracting can be a big drawcard. Whilst it is traditional to only work on one project at a time (and most assignments are full-time), you, as your own boss, could decide you have the bandwidth to cover a couple of projects providing there’s no conflict of interest. Quantity Surveyors for example, may be able to work for multiple clients at once.

Expert Advice

The very foundation of our business sprung from pioneering contract recruitment in New Zealand 35 years ago, and I have specialised in contracting throughout my 15 years in recruitment. The point here is that contract recruitment is our heritage here at RobLawMax Recruitment as well as my personal passion, so working with us gives you the benefit of being able to tap into three decades of networks and expertise to get you where you want to go in your career. We have long-standing, strong relationships with good firms. It’s not uncommon that one of our contractors becomes such an asset to the company they’re working with, that they look to make them a permanent employee. That’s something that makes us incredibly proud and highlights the kind of working relationships that we’re always looking to build. If you choose to make that step, then we’re happy to help to facilitate this.

Be Your Own Boss

Of course, there are some real, genuine bonuses involved in going out contracting in the Construction and Engineering industry. You get to be your own boss, deciding what you will work on, when and for how much; being captain of your own destiny is a big enticement for some.

Closing Thoughts

If you are still undecided as to whether contracting in the red-hot Construction, Engineering and Design industry in NZ is right for you, then you can find out more information here, or feel free to talk to me about where you’re looking to take your career. Like most things it will have its pros and cons, so before you get swept away with the romance of financial freedom and self-direction, please make sure this style of work works for you. I talk to people about this big decision every day and would be more than happy to help you in taking the next steps.​