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A Guide for British Construction and Engineering Professionals on Immigrating to New Zealand


Over 400,000 Brits Have Successfully Made the Move to New Zealand in Recent Years

It’s a popular move and the large numbers of people flowing into New Zealand have been driving a bigger, better economy and “where there is growth there is opportunity”.

Brexit is likely to add to this in a few ways as New Zealand, an exporting nation, is likely to gain extra tariff-free access on the back of its huge exports to the EU and UK markets. Injecting more cash into a bustling and bright nation which means more jobs in a country that is already battling a skill shortage within Construction and Engineering.

Brits are in Demand in New Zealand Now

There are currently over 51,000 additional experienced people required in the Construction / Engineering / Utilities / Infrastructure sectors.

As a British passport holder on a Working Holiday Visa (if you don’t have children coming with you and you are under 31 years old) or on one of the various work permits, visas or residency options, there are countless opportunities waiting for you.

3 Key Areas to Make Moving to New Zealand Happen

From a survey of the top consultants and managers of New Zealand’s largest specialist Engineering and Construction recruiter (and we have been successfully placing British applicants in New Zealand since 1985), there are three key areas you need to address to make the move happen:

  1. The right to work (your visa, work permit, residency pathway and ultimately citizenship).

  2. The right job (the process starts with sending us a CV to get in the system!).

  3. Your plan to get there (do you go out and back again? Does one of you go first and then others follow? What must be in place for you to come out?).

These three areas MUST be coordinated and involve you making choices. 

Getting a Job in New Zealand

The New Zealand Immigration Agency will help with visa advice and you will likely take care of your plan to get here, so we’re going to focus on getting a great job in New Zealand.

Unless you’re independently wealthy and don’t need to work, a move to clean, green New Zealand revolves around getting a job. And for the move to be a great one, it needs to be one that is right for you, your career and your circumstances.

Many people think about making the move to New Zealand (or Australia) but don’t really know how to put their thoughts into action.

“It’s now or never”, “We don’t want to waste another year here”, “We don’t like the way the UK is going, and we want a better lifestyle for our family.” – we hear this every day from people looking at moving on from the UK to a better, happier life!

A Guide for British Construction and Engineering Professionals on Immigrating to

A Checklist for Getting your CV Ready for New Zealand  

Before you start planning your New Zealand move, get your CV in shape for New Zealand employers. Below are the top six things you should do to prepare.

  1. Have a CV with all your qualifications backed with a solid work history. Moving around every 3-6 months isn’t going to appeal to most employers.

  2. Ensure your CV describes the projects you’ve undertaken and your role within them. You don’t need to talk yourself up or down, someone hiring you will just want to know what you have actually done – no more or less.

  3. Ensure your CV has relevant project information.

  4. Control the release of your CV. Applying to many companies and agencies will be a turn off and you may not receive the depth of service that you desire. Speak to us before starting the application process.

  5. Have a clear and correct CV that explains your situation and experience. Also, be aware of where your CV is being sent; meaning, don’t apply for every job and agency you come across.

  6. Assume the reader doesn’t know names and locations that are only familiar in your country, so avoid use of names and acronyms that could cause confusion. This includes position titles – explain who you reported to and who reported to you.  


Our team at RobLawMax Recruitment includes a number of British expats who have immigrated to New Zealand (some of whom are now citizens) and most of the Kiwis in our company have also worked in the UK, so we’re familiar with the process and how to make the transition from the UK to NZ as smooth as possible for you.

If you’re looking to take your Construction, Utilities and Engineering career to New Zealand, then we hope that’s with us! Feel free to get a download a copy of our extensive ‘Guide to Making A Successful Move Down Under’ and a have a read of the four key mistakes people make when looking to move to New Zealand! To find out more about our current opportunities email your CV to:

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