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How to Carry Out Your Job Search Without Jeopardising Your Current Role

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​When looking for a new job, the majority of people need to conduct their search without their current employer’s knowledge. When you’ve made up your mind and begun a search, the last thing you need is someone noticing and passing the news to your boss and jeopardising work relationships. So, in order to not jeopardise your current role, how do you discreetly look for a new job? We’ve put together our top tips to ensure your Construction & Engineering job search is kept secret.  

Be mindful of social media

It sounds obvious in this day and age, but social media is a medium where a lot of people tend to make mistakes. Some people may think that only announcements or headlines trigger suspicion, but there are other, more subtle indicators that savvy some employers may notice. For example, an increased level of activity on LinkedIn is always an indicator. A renewed level of professionalism of your profile, added responsibilities and achievements and new recommendations are all signs that may arouse suspicion. Even an influx of recent connections with Recruiters can be a giveaway.

This is not to say you should avoid doing these things, in fact we recommend all these points (preferably done consistently over time so it does not look like a sudden change). It is however, important to be a little more circumspect when doing so. LinkedIn has the option of hiding changes and notifications from connections and takes just a few simple steps to adjust privacy settings.

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Search for jobs in your own time

Scanning a phone during lunch is one thing, but having job boards or recruitment websites open on your computer during company time, is not only playing with fire, but disrespectful and unprofessional. Imagine your manager walking by and noticing that open tab on your desktop. The same applies to updating your CV, taking calls or registering with Construction & Engineering Recruitment Agencies. All these things should be accomplished in personal time.

In addition, interviews are a required ingredient of a job search, and you need to be smart when scheduling. They should be kept separate where possible, so try scheduling in times before work, lunchtimes, after work or during annual leave. Don’t be afraid to request these times, Recruiters are used to it. As a side note, if lunch time excursions are not a normal part of your working life, an influx of these “disappearances” may raise suspicion. Think about starting this habit early so it is not something that is questioned.

Watch your attire

Another common error people make in keeping a job search discreet is attire. If the work environment is smart casual, as it is in a lot of Construction and Engineering workplaces, turning up in full corporate attire (because of a scheduled interview) will have any employer questioning your motives. There are two choices in this scenario. Firstly, bring a change of clothes and get changed somewhere discreetly or secondly have a conversation with the person interviewing, (or the recruitment agency representing you) explaining your situation. Most people will be fine with more casual dress, especially if informed in advance.

Be confidential

Whilst you may have trusted colleagues, they can often be the weak link when it comes to keeping your job search confidential. Excited gossip can easily be overheard and taken back to your manager so it isn’t worth the risk.

Remember that the Construction and Engineering industry is pretty small, so reach out to networks discreetly. People you reach out to may be connected or know your manager and colleagues and whilst this is not a bad thing, ensuring discretion is vital.


Looking for your next challenge can be a full-time job in itself, juggling applications, interviews, phone calls and emails, and this certainly doesn’t get any easier when surrounded by co-workers. Follow these tips and you will be able to conduct a job search without the pressure of managers and colleagues knowing your every move. If you need some support or guidance with your Construction or Engineering job search, get in touch with the RobLawMax team, we promise discretion.