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How to Write a Job Advert That Candidates Want to Apply For

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​When recruiting your next Construction & Engineering professional, the job advert is often the first step in attracting the right talent to the role.  Not only are you selling the vacancy to active candidates in the market, but you’re also going a long way to forming that ever important first impression of the company. Although this part of the recruitment process can be bypassed by working alongside a specialist Construction & Engineering recruitment agency, if you plan on going it alone, have a read of our top job advert tips. 

Creating the Job Title

The first key aspect of writing a job advert is the job title (and any preview text). It is, after all, the very first impression a candidate will see and often determines whether they keep on scrolling or view the job.

Given the fact that your ads are likely to be posted on online platforms, it will serve you well to consider the keywords that candidates will be using to find vacancies like yours. Keep the wording simple and avoid trying to be too clever with unique sounding ones. A Project Manager isn’t likely to search “Projects Extraordinaire” just as a Contracts Administrator will not be searching for “Contracts Superstar”.

The same can be said for more conventional internal job titles that aren’t widely known to the audience in the Construction & Engineering market. Instead, make it relatable and ensure that it communicates as to what the role is.

Selling the Role (And Your Company!)

When it comes to Construction & Engineering recruitment, craft your job advert with aspects of the role that are going to entice candidates to apply. Will they be involved in a healthy pipeline of exciting projects? Or will they have a high level of autonomy? If so, make sure you say it! Take time to think about your target audience, the stage of their career and the features of the job that will appeal to them. One thing to consider, however, is to refrain from over-exaggerating the qualities of either the role or the company. It will only backfire at the interview stage or worse, when your new hire starts.

Don’t Go Overboard with ‘Must-Have’ Skills

Rather than an exhaustive list of skills, only include those that are essential to the job. More often than not, the more skills you list, the less response you’ll receive. Applicants can be put off by huge lists of requirements as they will naturally doubt their ability to meet those expectations. Listing too many can also detract from the most pertinent competencies and experience required to do the job. Try listing only those things that the business would not be willing to compromise on, such as qualifications.

Job Descriptions

It might be tempting to copy and paste the job description, thinking this will be appropriate for a construction & engineering job advert. Although job descriptions serve their purpose, they should not be substituted for a well thought out ad that not only showcases the position, but the company too. 

Selling the Company

This is your chance to let potential employees know more about the business and what sets you apart from the competitors. Consider this as your sales pitch to secure the best talent so emphasise the specific benefits and why it’s an attractive place to work. What are the perks? What’s so great about the culture? Highlight key projects as well as awards and accolades. Focus on your brand story and help the candidate imagine what it would be like to continue their career with you. 

Final Thoughts

Hiring the best talent isn’t always easy. You can, however, roll up your sleeves and take the time needed to perfect your ad.  This will help you attract some of the market’s best candidates and will often result in boosted application rates!

Take into account the importance of providing a clear call to action for candidates, regardless of the advertising channels. a lengthy or complicated application process can also deter candidates, so whether it’s via an app, a simple form to upload a CV and Cover Letter, or a traditional email, the key is making it easy for applicants.

If you’re looking to partner with a specialist Construction & Engineering recruitment agency that can take care of this process for you, get in touch with the team at RobLawMax today.