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Six Body Language Tips For Your Next Job Interview

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​Making it to the interview stage is an achievement in itself. It means that on paper, you have shown you have the technical skills and experience to be a contender but from the moment you walk into an interview, the body language you portray can impact your chances of success. Non-verbal communication plays a massive part in the messages we convey, so even when responses are flawless, the wrong body language will likely send all the wrong signals to the interviewer. Everyone knows about the importance of shaking hands, eye contact and smiling but if you have an upcoming interview to prepare for, make sure you check out our six body language tips.

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Whilst preparing for an interview, you choose your words carefully, spending plenty of time forming answers to expected questions. It is also important to give the same consideration to body language as it will work hand in hand with your answers and help you come across confidently. For more interview advice, or to find out how RobLawMax can help you with your Construction & Engineering job search, get in touch with the team.