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What Makes a Winning Attitude

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​Last month, I was part of the Queensland Country side that won the 2017 National Rugby Championship. It was an amazing achievement. Leading into the 2017 season, we'd won three games in the last three years. The turnaround has been incredible, and nobody is more responsible for it than our coach, All Blacks legend Brad Thorn. 

With Brad, you know he's been there and done that. He was hugely successful in two separate codes over a career that lasted more than 20 years. When he talks, you listen to what he has to say. But it's not just his experience that makes him a great leader.

At this level, the players are expected to have the skills and the right attitude - that's the minimum expectation we have of ourselves and of our teammates. Leadership isn't about putting the basics in place - that's down to us - it's about player management, developing and nurturing pathways to help us become better. Brad, having been there before, knew exactly the right words to say to keep our mental state at the same level as our physical state.

Our approach this year was about doing the simple things. We focused on defence, making sure that we were a hard unit to break down, and our game plan was all about doing the 1%ers. Success isn't always about big moves, it's about being consistent. This mindset applies everywhere, and it's something I carried over to my "day job" in Recruitment too. Posting one more ad before I leave the office, making one more call to a candidate - these little things make a big difference over time.

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