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Why Becoming an Employer of Choice is Key

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​When it comes to attracting, engaging and retaining quality employees, salary, whilst important, isn’t always the ultimate motivator. Having worked closely with Construction and Engineering talent across all levels, we have found that one of the biggest contributing factors (of what people look for in employers) is simply that it’s a great place to work. So, what does it take to create an atmosphere (both onsite and offsite) that draws top talent and drives loyalty within the team?

The Different Type of Employee Motivators

Before we delve into what it takes to become an employer of choice, let’s look at motivation. Typically, there are two types of motivators in the workplace: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic motivators are the tangible benefits that are external to the job – these can include salary, bonuses and other perks such as the use of a company vehicle. Extrinsic motivators are very important because, at the end of the day, everyone wants to be rewarded appropriately for their work and effort. Regardless of how satisfying a job may be, if the salary (and other extrinsic rewards) is not sufficient, people tend to look elsewhere. Although extrinsic motivators are not enough to foster true engagement from employees on their own, what motivates employees besides money?

On the other hand, when we talk about intrinsic motivation in the workplace, we’re referring to the intangible benefits that come from doing the job. This could be an employee who gains a sense of achievement from doing a job well done, the overall enjoyment of the work they’re doing, recognition from others (especially Management) and a feeling that they are making a positive impact on the wider team or business as a whole. These types of rewards are often key to employee satisfaction and engagement in the team and will ultimately encourage staff to give their best to the team/organisation and make them want to stay.

Finding a balance between extrinsic versus intrinsic rewards is your best approach to attracting Construction & Engineering professionals, whilst helping to produce the best results from your existing teams.

Becoming a Great Place to Work

To build a workplace that’s genuinely a great place to work, there are several key factors to consider. The best place to start is to take a look at all aspects of your current onsite and offsite work areas, and pinpoint any areas for improvement

Company Culture
In the first instance, it’s a good idea to establish what your current culture is like for existing teams. Not only is culture a key part of the employee experience, but it can also shape the way others perceive the business externally. And as the epicentre of the company culture, employees will generally be able to indicate where things need improvement. This is where running satisfaction surveys can be helpful, providing you a plan on addressing any feedback that comes your way.

Environment and the work itself
The atmosphere at work (onsite or in the office) plays an important role in assessing culture and engagement. Is it one where people want to work in? Do the teams have the right balance Are the right group of people working together? Leadership and good communication play a big role as mismanagement of work at any point could hinder people, so look for any processes that can be improved on to provide greater staff engagement.

Growth and professional development
Career development and opportunities for growth are two very important factors for most employees, therefore, ensure you review the opportunities that are in currently in place. They don’t have to be complicated or a major financial burden on the company – it could be as simple as giving staff the opportunity to work on special projects or offering coaching and/or mentoring.

Brand Ambassadors
Having a reputation as a place where people want to work can make a huge difference in candidate attraction- the key is getting the word out. This is where your own employees can be valuable ambassadors. Although historically, it’s been difficult to gauge from the outside, there are various avenues available to promote the company and/or teams’ reputation. Today, websites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn have made it much easier to gain insight into employers, so use these channels to your advantage.


Once the business’ great reputation is in the market, the rest will take care of itself. When employees love where they work, they will automatically spread the word which will in turn attract others to your business. Actively listen to any concerns or ideas from your staff and consistently try to improve on the inner functions within the team – you’ll be able to motivate staff and raise employee performance far more than extrinsic rewards alone.

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