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Why You Should Consider Regional Opportunities

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​With the mining and energy sector undergoing resurgence in recent times, more and more engineering and supervision opportunities are presenting themselves in Australia’s regional communities. While the impact of fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) work is well-publicised, there is another option: relocation. We’re always speaking to engineering professionals who have made the decision to go regional and have given their careers a boost as a result. Whether you’re considering your future after graduation or looking at the best options for your family, read on about the current state of mining and engineering jobs, and why you should consider regional relocation.  

A Sector in Resurgence

After commodity prices plummeted following the bust 3-4 years ago, we’re now seeing 15-year highs in some commodities and positive forecasts for the next few years. Because Australia’s mining market is largely influenced by demand in other areas of the world, spending and investment always increases in times like this.

Renewable energy has also become very popular, with billions of dollars being spent on solar and wind farms, plus some significant hydro projects awaiting approval. This has led to a boom in regional renewables projects, mostly in the vicinity of mining communities where existing infrastructure is already in place. As a result, this period of revitalisation is leading to various opportunities for people to relocate to mining communities.

Benefits of Living in a Regional Community

Relocating to regional areas of Australia has a number of benefits for people at various stages of life. From recent engineering graduates on the hunt for a new adventure to established families looking for more time together than FIFO allows, relocation can be a great option for intrepid people of all ages.

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A common misconception that many people have about living in regional areas is that there’s not much to do in your spare time. After all, it isn’t possible to go down and watch the rugby on Friday night or visit the city’s latest restaurants. But in reality, regional communities have plenty of excitement of their own to offer.

From hiking and swimming to fishing and exploring new places, there are outdoor activities galore in regional Australia – newcomers just need the chance to adjust to a new lifestyle and discover all the different options available to them. Once you’re on the ground and begin developing your support network, this 

becomes much easier!

In addition, the prevalence of FIFO jobs mean that most regional communities have an airport and are within a 1-2 hour flight of an urban hub so there’s always the opportunity of weekend getaways to get your city fix.


Whilst it may not be for everyone, relocation is a great option– suiting adventurous people at many different stages of life. Rather than just another mining job, this could be an intrepid adventure that will satisfy your taste of adventure AND propel your career forward. Also, it’s worth remembering that nothing is forever; most of the people we have helped tend to relocate for a few years and then return home with more career options.

So, if you’ve had enough of FIFO, why not consider relocating? With the sector’s resurgence and the benefits of moving, now is a great time to go! If you’d like to discuss relocation in more detail, or to find out about our latest mining jobs, get in touch with me.