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5 Signs It May Be Time for You to Create a New Resume

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A good resume can help you stand out in the market and snag the job of your dreams. As time goes on, your resume may need some tweaking, editing, or a total do-over. Keep reading to discover the tell-tale signs that you're in need of a new resume.

1. You're Applying for a Job in a New Industry

The best resume is tailored to the job you're applying for, and you can usually get by with simple editing if you're applying for a job that's similar to your old one. However, if your new job is vastly different, or if you haven't had a job before, we recommend that you create a fresh resume. 

Employers prefer resumes to be specified to the position you're applying for, and tailoring your resume with the description in mind is a must.

2. You Have New Experiences 

Your resume is the place to showcase your talents and sell your skills, so you want to be sure you're presenting everything you have to offer. If you've gone back to school, graduated, earned a degree, gotten published, received a promotion, started a business, or had any other large life change relevant to the job you're applying for, it should be included. 

Even if it's not directly related to the job description, focus on the skills and knowledge you learned.

3. Your Achievements Are Outdated

Along the same line as with new experiences, you should make serious changes to your resume as time goes on. If you've graduated from university, for example, it is no longer necessary or recommended to include previous schooling details, since they are already assumed. 

We suggest that you still include job positions such as entry-level positions if you've worked your way up in a company, but you may want to consider trimming down descriptions of earlier successes. 

4. Your Contact Information Has Changed

If you've changed your name, moved houses or apartments, gotten a new phone number, or now use a new email address, it's easiest to start your resume over from scratch so you don't miss anything. 

If you're a job seeker looking for employment in a creative field of work, you'll want to link the most up to date version of your online portfolio, website, or whatever platform you use to show off your work and completed projects.

5. You're Not Getting Offers

Like all good things, finding a job takes time, but if it's been months and you're consistently not getting offers, the problem may very well be somewhere in your resume. Starting over completely is preferable to editing bits and pieces, and it also makes it easier to relate your achievements to the current job application. 

Keep your resume between one and two pages long, focus on skills that set you apart from the competitors, and quantify your successes for extra validity.

With a stellar resume in hand, you're well on your way to landing an interview. For more tips and tricks to make your resume shine, visit RobLawMax Recruitment to access helpful resources that cover every step of your career!