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Opening Doors into the Right Career Moves

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​If you’re trying to change career roles, whether it be across the road, across town, around the country or even around the world, read on.

Making the Move

Is there anything you would change about your job? Is the answer everything? If you know the answer to these questions and are able to get what you want it could literally change your life and we want that for you: it’s why we as recruiters exist.

At RobLawMax, we have many success stories from thousands of candidates we have worked with and placed into better situations, but here is a simple example: we worked with a UK Midlands-based construction Project Manager who relocated with his family to New Zealand.

His career took off once in New Zealand as he became involved in a bigger project with more opportunities to develop.

The team he was working with were more positive and respected his value more, his disposable income rose, plus his family loved the move to a better climate with the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle, a larger and nicer house, and they thrived.

This is an actual but very common example to illustrate the life-changing impact the right career move can have for not only a job seeker but also their family. 

People are busy doing their day job, too busy to devote the full-time focus required to make their best career move. Given the market has many opportunities, identifying and understanding the best ones takes time and effort; technical people also find it difficult to promote themselves and really put their best foot forward.

Choosing an expert adviser to help you look at where your career is at, and where it’s going, and what market options are right for you takes the clutter and stress out of an important decision and gives you more chances of being in the right place at the right time. 

Why is Change So Hard?

Knowing what you actually want is difficult and few people get this vital clarity without help. There are many types of frustrations that cause people to be dissatisfied with their job, like a lack of progression, the ability to progress being too slow or being paid a salary lower than the average market rate.

Whatever the reason, many people find themselves in a situation where they are not getting what they want or need from their current situation but fear the idea of change.

Again, these fears are numerous and could include: a fear of letting down their current employer and team; fear around the thought of moving; fearing a move to more of the same; fear of moving and not progressing; or fear of moving and getting stuck.

Basically, the fear revolves around making the wrong move. A number of career stalling mistakes often made by Construction and Engineering professionals are the following:

  • Not being clear on what change looks like.

  • Not understanding their own motivational drivers or what is most important to them.

  • Jumping too quickly without checking out the wider range of options.

  • Not presenting themselves well, for example failing to communicate their value to a prospective employer via their CV or interview skills.

  • Lacking control or coordination over the job-seeking process.

  • Their CV gets into the wrong hands.

  • Lacking an in-depth understanding of the job-seeking process.

  • Not having a trusted adviser or valuing that advice.

If you find yourself guilty of one or more of the above factors don’t worry, try taking these steps to ensure you’re heading in the right direction:

  • Contact RobLawMax Recruitment first, before you do damage to your career prospects by making the wrong moves.

  • Be responsible for your own career; that means getting the best adviser you can in your corner.

  • Be prepared to think about what you want and what is most important to you.

  • Be willing to engage in the process.

Working with RobLawMax on Your Career

RobLawMax are viewed as subject matter experts both in the Construction/Engineering marketplace and in the career planning/progression process.

People choose to work with us based on our reputation and we welcome the opportunity to prove our deep experience and expertise in career advice, knowledge of the process and ability to access the right roles for you. Our basic goal is to have an enjoyable relationship based on certainty and trust. This starts with communication and feedback within reasonable timelines.

We can give you an honest, independent appraisal of your career options, including salary ranges and CV presentation. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the next best time is today! Give us a call now or email us today to start progressing to the next step in your career.