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Asset Engineer

Asset Engineer

How to Enter

To secure a job as an Asset Engineer in New Zealand, most candidates will have previous experience in a Foreman or Supervisory role with a focus of running a team and managing assets and resources. Alternatively, obtaining a degree in Engineering with a relevant specialisation (Natural Resources, Civil Engineering etc.) can greatly boost your employability.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical job responsibilities of an Asset Engineer can include some or all of the following:

  • Maintaining, upgrading, and operating company assets to ensure they’re functioning at their optimum levels

  • Designing and updating optimisation processes

  • Testing and improving the performance of psychical assets

  • Determining asset lifecycles and replacement strategies

  • Working with management to plan budgets and resources

  • Leading teams of other Engineers

  • Adhering to regulation, and quality and safety standards


Many successful Asset Engineers go on to become Asset Managers and oversee the entire maintenance, optimisation and lifecycle procedures for an engineering firm. Alternatively, they can also choose to specialise in other areas of engineering, such as Civil, Mechatronics, Mechanical or Electrical.

Salary Range

66K – 130K per annum (NZD)