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Civil Plant Operator Jobs

Civil Plant Operator Jobs

​How to Enter

There are no specific entry requirements to work as a Civil Plant Operator as many roles provide on-the-job training, and some New Zealand companies offer formal in-house training on their systems, processes, and safety procedures. However, many employers do prefer candidates that have completed a qualification in plant or process operations. It’s also worth noting that gaining experience in specialist areas, such as geothermal energy or chemical manufacturing, will be hugely beneficial depending on the type of plant the job vacancy is for.

Typical Responsibilities

The day-to-day job responsibilities of a Civil Plant Operator can include some or all of the following:

  • Monitoring facility and plant equipment

  • Recording equipment readings, such as pressure and temperature

  • Adjusting equipment to ensure safety and efficiency

  • Arranging maintenance and repairs of facility equipment


With lots of opportunities for learning and training, Civil Plant Operators can quickly move into supervisory or management positions. Alternatively, Civil Plant Operators can also progress into Panel Operators jobs given enough time.

Salary Range

50 – 70K per annum (NZD)