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Civil Project Director Jobs

Civil Project Director Jobs

How to Enter

To secure a role as a Civil Project Director, most New Zealand employers will prefer you to have a degree in Civil Construction or Business Management and extensive experience in the civil construction industry.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical responsibilities of a Civil Project Director can include any of the following:

  • Meeting with clients and customers to determine requirements and report project progress

  • Engaging with government officials, building professionals and architects to plan work

  • Concluding volume of workers, materials, and machinery needed for construction projects

  • Managing risks to avoid delays

  • Consulting with Quantity Surveyors to make sure projects are kept within budget

  • Tracking and reporting construction costs

  • Liaising with contractors and suppliers

  • Hiring workers and apprentices

  • Ensuring Health and Safety standards are adhered to

  • Implement traffic management and environmental protection plans


Civil Project Directors who gain significant experience can often progress to more executive-level positions, such as Civil Construction Manager, or even start their own construction companies and become self-employed contractors and consultants.

Salary Range

90K-150K per annum (NZD)