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Cost Controller Jobs

Cost Controller Jobs

How to Enter

To successfully secure a job as a Cost Controller in New Zealand’s Oil & Gas industry, candidates should have a sound grasp of numbers and be able to budget and forecast expenses. To that end, employers often look for professionals who gold a relevant trade qualification and experience in Quantity Surveying or a relatable field, such as Accounting.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical responsibilities of a Cost Controller can include any of the following:

  • Forecasting project costs by identifying what resources is needed to complete it in an efficient way, i.e. labour, equipment and services

  • Actively reporting the costs of budgets to ensure projects do not overspend

  • Supporting and working with Management and Project Teams to ensure project costs are kept within budget

  • Ensuring the business, as a whole, does not spend outside of its means

  • Managing and training other professionals, such as Accountants or Cost Controllers


Where Cost Controllers can take their careers next can largely depend on their background and preference. If they have a trade background, then they could choose to work more closely on the budgeting and reporting of individual projects by becoming a specialist Cost Engineer. Alternatively, if they wanted more management and strategy in their role, then they could work towards becoming a Cost or Finance Manager.

Salary Range

50K – 100K per annum (NZD)