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Cost Engineer Jobs

Cost Engineer Jobs

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To increase your chances of becoming an Oil & Gas Cost Engineer in New Zealand, gaining several years’ experience working in an Engineering field is an excellent place to start. In addition, Cost Engineers will also need experience in budgeting and forecasting expenses, so qualifications or experience in Quantity Surveying or a related field can be hugely beneficial.

Typical Responsibilities
  • Forecasting engineering project costs by identifying what resources is needed to complete it in an efficient way, i.e. labour, engineering equipment and services

  • Actively reporting the costs of budgets to ensure projects do not overspend

  • Supporting and working with Management and Project Engineering Teams to ensure project costs are kept within budget

  • Ensuring the business, as a whole, does not spend outside of its means

  • Managing and training other professionals


After gaining experience, many Cost Engineers progress their careers further in Finance and work their way towards Senior Cost Engineers or Controllers, or Cost or Finance Managers. Alternatively, Cost Engineers can also put their engineering knowledge to good use and explore other areas, such as Project Engineering or Health & Safety management.

Salary Range

70K – 100K per annum (NZD)