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Cost Manager Jobs

Cost Manager Jobs

How to Enter

Due to the complex nature of this management role, New Zealand’s Oil & Gas employers often look for professionals with extensive industry experience and a long track record of managing project and company budgets either as a Cost Engineer, Controller or Quantity Surveyor.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical job responsibilities of a Cost Manager can include all or some of the following:

  • Creating feasible budget restraints for Project Teams and Cost Engineers/Controllers to operate within

  • Identifying with Project Management the project priorities in respect to quality, time and cost

  • Assisting with Project and Costs team with finalising project budgets and reports

  • Creating business cases calculations of project costs to justify project investments

  • Researching and securing ‘best value’ procurement options for services, labour and equipment

  • Conducting training and workshops with Cost and Project Team personnel


For many Cost Managers, the next logical step in their careers is to head towards senior management or executive-level roles, such as Project Director or CFO.

Salary Range

100K+ per annum (NZD)