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Engineering Manager Jobs

Engineering Manager Jobs

​How to Enter

To become an Engineering Manager within the Manufacturing & Logistics industry, many New Zealand employers may expect you to have a strong background in engineering and operational management. This could include possessing a diploma or degree that focuses on the practicalities of running large-scale Manufacturing and Engineering projects, and several years working in a supervisory position.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical responsibilities of an Engineering Manager can include some or all of the following:

  • Deciding engineering goals and timetables

  • Setting and reporting budgets

  • Identifying what materials, supplies, machinery and equipment are needed to meet goals

  • Managing engineering suppliers and vendors

  • Evaluating engineering processes and creating reports

  • Maintaining, testing, improving and deciding when to repair or replace equipment and machinery

  • Developing new processes

  • Developing, training and assisting Engineers

  • Meeting and liaising with clients and customers

  • Overseeing engineering safety standards and risks


Engineering Managers may choose to take up a similar position in another industry or specialise further within Engineering Management, such as Manufacturing Technology, Quality Control or Health and Safety.

Salary Range

100K – 190K per annum (NZD)