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Environmental Engineer Jobs

Environmental Engineer Jobs

​How to Enter

The job of an Environmental Engineer requires expert-level knowledge of theoretical and technical engineering. For that reason, New Zealand Oil & Gas employers look for candidates who possess either a Bachelor of Engineering or a Bachelor of Engineering Technology, specialising in Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering.

New Zealand employers often prefer Environmental Engineering candidates to have the following personal requirements:

  • Highly accurate with a great attention to detail

  • Organised

  • Pragmatic problem-solver

  • Great communicator

  • Can work as part of a team and under pressure to meet deadlines

Typical Responsibilities

As an Environmental Engineer in the Oil and Gas industry, you can expect to do some or all of the following:

  • Taking samples at oil platforms and other development sites to be sent away for testing

  • Reporting on the potential impact proposed oil and gas construction and development projects could have on the environment

  • Managing engineering projects from start to finish

  • Advising on how to treat environmental pollution


After a few years’ experience, Environmental Engineers can specialise in areas such as Project Management, Construction Management, Health & Safety, Planning, Estimation and Environmental Science. Alternatively, following additional training and on-the-job experience, Engineers could progress into managerial roles or work as self-employed contractors.

Salary Range

45K – 75K per annum (NZD)