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Environmental Planner Jobs

Environmental Planner Jobs

​How to Enter

To secure a job as an Environmental Planner in New Zealand, it’s recommended to complete a relevant qualification such as a Bachelor or Master’s degree in Planning, Resource & Environmental Planning, Geography, or Environmental Science to improve your competitive edge within the market.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical job responsibilities of an Environmental Planner can include the following:

  • Assisting the planning of buildings, streets, parks, reserves, utilities and facilities

  • Evaluating and advising the environmental impact of proposed developments

  • Examining how areas of development are effecting the surrounding economic, social and environmental landscapes

  • Creating reports on the behalf of local councils, clients and customers

  • Submitting and managing resource consents and planning permission


Environmental Planners who wish to progress their careers further in Planning and Resource Management, can apply to New Zealand Planning Institute (NZPI) for membership. This membership will help to improve their chances of moving into an Intermediate Planner, and then a Senior Planner role later.

Salary Range

61K – 78K per annum (NZD)