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Civil Estimator Jobs

Civil Estimator Jobs

How to Enter

After spending several years either as a Tradesperson, Technician or Administrator, many professionals then move into a job as an Estimator. For that reason, New Zealand employers can expect you to have some years’ experience within the Civil Infrastructure industry with a relevant qualification. Diplomas, degrees or work experience that cover risk analysing, estimating, budgeting, resource management and contact and legal work will also be beneficial to your employability.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical job responsibilities of an Estimator can include any of the following:

  • Liaising with customers, clients or managers to identify the client’s needs

  • Researching prices of construction materials, services and transportation

  • Drafting or collecting quotes from suppliers and sub-contractors

  • Drawing up bids for work

  • Ensuring Civil Construction Projects stay within budget


After further training, an Estimator could move into a Quantity Surveyor and then progress into a more senior role or into Commercial or Contract Management. Alternatively, Estimators can also move into Construction and Project Management due to the vast number of tasks they undertake each day.

Salary Range

32K – 72K per annum (NZD)