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Hammerhand Jobs

Hammerhand Jobs

How to Enter

There are no specific entry requirements for most Hammerhand jobs in New Zealand as most of the crucial skills are gained on the job. However, many employers look for the following personal requirements:

  • Hard-working and adaptable

  • Great attention to detail and safety-conscious

  • Able to follow instructions

  • Can work independently and as part of a team

  • Proactive and quick to learn

Typical Responsibilities

The daily responsibilities of a Hammerhand may include any of the following:

  • Constructing, maintaining and repairing roads, pathways or railways

  • Building scaffolding

  • Constructing and demolishing buildings

  • Digging trenches, levelling ground and laying pipes and cabling

  • Mixing and pouring concrete

  • Operating heavy machinery

  • Moving equipment and building materials

  • Cleaning and maintaining work site

  • Ensuring the Health & Safety of everyone in and around work site


A Hammerhand’s career opportunities can be endless. With time, a Hammerhand can become a qualified tradesperson in the Trade and Industrial industry, including Bricklaying, Paving and Drain Laying. Alternatively, they could also move into an apprenticeship and for example, work towards becoming an Electrician, Mechanic or Carpenter.

Salary Range

30K – 50K per annum (NZD)