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Maintenance Engineer

Maintenance Engineer

How to Enter

To enter the job of a Maintenance Engineer, most employers would prefer you to have a New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Trade) (Level 4) and specialise in Maintenance Engineering in your final year. Previous experience in the Rail & Transportation industry will also be a huge benefit.

The personal requirements of a Maintenance Engineer will often include the following:

  • Responsible and safety-conscious

  • Able to follow instructions

  • Very accurate and patient

  • Great communicator

  • Able to make sound judgements

  • Able to do heavy lifting, work at height and in confined spaces

  • Can work independently or as part as a team

Typical Responsibilities

Maintenance Engineers can expect to do any of the following tasks:

  • Carrying out routine maintenance checks on Rail & Transpiration equipment, machines, trains and systems

  • Diagnosing and reporting any faults

  • Cleaning, repairing and replacing equipment, machinery and train parts

  • Ordering, manufacturing and installing new machines and parts

  • Deciding on suitable materials and working methods

  • Testing new machinery and equipment


With experience, Maintenance Engineers can progress into a supervisory or managerial role, or with further training, move into specialise areas such as Traffic, Rail, Signalling, Tunnelling or Substation Engineering, to name a few.

Salary Range

Entry: 32K – 40K per annum (NZD)

Experienced: 80K – 110K per annum (NZD)