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Rail Engineer Jobs

Rail Engineer Jobs

How to Enter

To become a Rail Engineer, it’s recommended to have a Bachelor of Engineering degree specialising in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, or in a similar field. If you’re new to Rail Engineering, many New Zealand employers will also prefer previous experience working in the Rail industry, such as a Train Conductor or other rail industry worker.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical job responsibilities of a Rail Engineer can include the following:

  • Inspecting train locomotives, including engines, tracks and carriages

  • Conducting field repairs and adjustments

  • Reporting significant problems to management/control

  • Liaising with rail dispatchers, traffic controllers and other rail industry staff


Following a few years’ experience, a Rail Engineer can move into a senior Engineering, managerial or consultant role. Alternatively, they can also progress into other areas of Engineering, including Reading, Electrical or Substation.

Salary Range

50K – 92K per annum (NZD)