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Substation Engineer Jobs

Substation Engineer Jobs

How to Enter

To become a Substation Engineer, most of New Zealand’s employers will expect you to have a Bachelor of Engineering degree focusing on Electrical Engineering. In addition, previous experience in the Rail industry can be highly sought after. 

Typical Responsibilities

The typical responsibilities of a Substation Engineer can include the following:

  • Designing and building electrical grids through networks of wiring and equipment

  • Repairing and replacing worn out, damaged or poorly installed wiring and equipment

  • Testing electrical systems to ensure stability and safety

  • Creating budget reports and logging work completed

  • Ensuring all work completed is compliant with regulatory and Health & Safety standards

  • Training and managing other Engineers


Due to the complex nature of their role, Substation Engineers can often find themselves progressing into other industries that involve power, generation and distribution, such as Civil Engineering. Alternatively, they can work towards a more senior-level role and manage and train a team of Engineers.

Salary Range

Entry: 40K – 60K per annum (NZD)

Experienced (5+ years): 60K – 120K per annum (NZD)