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Terminal Manager Jobs

Terminal Manager Jobs

How to Enter

To secure a role as a Terminal Manager in New Zealand’s Oil & Gas industry, candidates may require qualifications in a relevant field, such as in Chemical Engineering. In addition, possessing previous experience in management, Health & Safety, fire and pollution prevention and direct communication will be greatly beneficial.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical daily responsibilities of a Terminal Manager can include the following:

  • Developing, updating and implementing processes, procedures and policies for terminal and jetty operation to ensure the safety and security of staff, visitors and the environment

  • Reviewing current processes and devising plans to improve procedures with relevant teams and departments

  • Overseeing all terminal and jetty activities to ensure safety and efficiency

  • Providing reports on terminal performance and safety record

  • Designing and providing staff training and workshops


Once experienced, a Terminal Manager can have several career paths ahead of them. For example, they can decide to take their logistical management skills further and move into the Logistics industry, specialising in Supply Chain Management. Alternatively, they can also stay in the Oil & Gas industry and take their management skills further by moving into senior management or executive-level roles, such as Operations Manager.

Salary Range

100K+ per annum (NZD)​