Rope Access Technician – IRATA L1 min

Job title : Rope Access Technician – IRATA L1 min
Location : Auckland
Job type : Permanent
Contact name : Hanna
Contact email :
Job reference : HP69712
  • Gain some high-value skills in the Geotech field

  • Successful Co. who are flat out

  • Awesome opp to transition from the Window Cleaning industry

Industry leaders in the field of Geotechnical Rope Access construction works, these guys have been the builders of choice for a wide range of Slope Stabilisation safety and construction works all over NZ.

If you’re a rope access Window Washer – you’ve got the base skills required here and you absolutely will love the extra challenge, exciting locations and exotic scenery involved with doing something constructive.

Don’t tell me washing windows on high-rise buildings – that you know are just gonna get dirty again and you’re just gonna clean them again – is a super fulfilling job.  You can do better than that and the Rope-Access part of the construction industry is the treasure trove of opportunity for your life.

Examples of where you would have found yourself if you’d got into this a few years back include the incredible Kaikoura Coastline – stabilising the slopes above the road and rail route with breath-taking scenery out across the South Pacific Ocean – spotting whales and dolphins during your break times.  You might have been on the new build of the route north of Wellington – Transmission Gully working along that pristine valley most people have never seen.  You could have found yourself strengthening the walls of what will become the underground chambers of the City Rail Link system in Auckland’s CBD or working in the Kauri Forests of the pathway for the Puhoi to Warkworth new motorway build.

The role of a Geotechnical Rope Access Technician has variety and huge challenge with the opportunity to learn skills operating equipment and executing techniques that are highly sought after around the world.  The career path is also awesome -cleaning windows will never compete with this.

If you’ve already got Geotech Experience, so much the better – these guys will develop you and give you the opportunity to progress as far as you’re keen to go.  If you’re green and can only bring that IRATA Level 1 or better accreditation, that’s all good; they’re happy to start you at the beginning and give you a career path acquiring all the geotech skills through to supervisory and management roles in time.

Start today by calling Ralph on 09 6018978 or Hanna on 09 359 7727 or make an application – either to citing Ref HP69712 or by applying here online.