Registered Architect Jobs

How to Enter

To become a Registered Architect, you will first need to hold a qualification that is recognised by the New Zealand Registered Architects Board (NZRAB), such as a Master of Architecture (MArch), and then do the following:

  • Complete 140 weeks of practical experience (95 of which must be completed after graduating)
  • Pass the NZRAB practical experience assessment


In most cases, Architectural Graduates will wait until they have completed four to five years of work before officially starting the process of becoming registered, however, if you feel you’re ready, this can be done sooner.


Registered Architects also need to undertake continuing professional development to maintain their registration.


Typical Responsibilities

Registered Architects may be expected to do some or all of the following:

  • Identifying local authority requirements and constraints
  • Drawing designs and schematics for construction and development projects
  • Identifying what building materials need to be used
  • Advising what building procedures that need to be followed and project costs to client
  • Applying for building permits and resource consents
  • Overseeing construction, conducting site inspections and ensure developments comply with plans, budgets, authority constraints and budgets
  • Planning interior and exterior spaces and working with Landscaping Architect



After several years of working experience, a Registered Architect could move into a Senior Architect role and then work towards becoming a Principal Architecture. Alternatively, Architects could also decide to further specialist in areas such as Interior, Urban, or Sustainable Design, Conservation, Community Development, Project Management or Planning.


Salary Range

60K – 85K per annum (NZD)


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