GIS Technician Jobs

How to Enter

To increase your chances of securing a GIS Technician job in the Power, Energy & Mining industry, we recommend that you first have a degree in Surveying, Applied Science, Geography or Digital Technologies – Computer Science. There are many ways to gain further experience in Geographic Information Systems as you study or work, including several New Zealand cadetships, scholarships and on-the-job training programmes.


Typical Responsibilities

The typical daily job responsibilities for a GIS Technician can include any of the following:

  • Gathering and analysing geographical data such as survey information, aerial photography, and satellite imagery
  • Utilising surveying technology and equipment to accurately define locations of features such as rivers, mountains or utility lines
  • Turning complex data into easy to use formats like maps by using and developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software
  • Identifying what and how data needs to be collected
  • Writing and presenting GIS data reports
  • Digitalising paper maps
  • Managing GIS and survey projects 



Many GIS Technicians start their career as analysts and move into managerial, consultancy or specialist roles over time. In addition, GIS Technicians will tend to focus on particular aspects of geospatial data, such as data specification and capture, data integration and analysis, map design, computer programming, database administration, project management and system administration. Later in their careers, GIS Technicians can choose to specialise in several roles including GIS Analyst, GIS Data Specialist, GIS Develop or GIS Information Architect.


Salary Range

Entry: 45K – 65K per annum (NZD)

Experienced (5+ years): 60K – 80K per annum (NZD)

Senior (10+ years): 70K – 120K+ per annum (NZD)


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