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Health & Safety (H&S) Manager Jobs

Health & Safety (H&S) Manager Jobs

How to Enter

Due to being a managerial-level role, most New Zealand employers look for candidates with qualifications or experience in Occupational Safety & Health or a similar field, when hiring a Health & Safety Manager. Health & Safety Diplomas are offered by Massey University, University of Otago, South Institute of Technology or the Employers and Manufacturers Association.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical job responsibilities of a Health & Safety Manager could include all or some of the following:

  • Designing Health & Safety policies and procedures to minimise workplace hazards

  • Educating and training staff in Health & Safety policies and how to reduce risks

  • Identifying Health & Safety risks and hazards and addressing them

  • Inspecting sites to ensure Health & Safety policies are being adhered to

  • Preparing Health & Safety performance reports

  • Ensuring policies and procedures are complaint with Health & Safety legislation

  • Recording and investing workplace incidents and injuries

  • Helping injured staff return to work


Health & Safety Managers can often choose to specialise further in specific industries, such as Energy and Mining, or Construction and Architecture. However, many professionals can progress further into management, teaching, researching and policy roles.

Salary Range

100K+ per annum (NZD)