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Mechanical Engineer Jobs

Mechanical Engineer Jobs

How to Enter

Although it is possible to become a Mechanical Engineer by obtaining a New Zealand Diploma in Engineering combined with relevant work experience, many New Zealand Rail and Transportation employers prefer candidates who hold a Bachelor of Engineering, specialising in Mechanical Engineering.

In addition, many employers look for the following personal requirements when hiring Mechanical Engineers:

  • Highly accurate with a good eye for detail

  • Organised with great project management skills

  • Excellent problem-solving skills and pragmatic

  • Able to work well under pressure

  • Can work independently and in a team

Typical Responsibilities

The typical daily job responsibilities of a Mechanical Engineer can include some or all of the following:

  • Determining work requirements

  • Investigating existing systems and preparing reports based on findings

  • Identifying the environmental and safety risks of planned work

  • Drawing specifications for machines and parts

  • Calculating cost estimates for jobs

  • Supervising the building, installation, repair and replacement of mechanical systems

  • Reviewing and testing new systems


With experience, many Mechanical Engineers progress their careers and become Senior Engineers or move into consultancy roles. Alternatively, Mechanical Engineers can also move into Project or Process Engineering jobs as well. That said, Engineers can choose to move away from the Rail and Transportation industry and into other areas of engineering, such as HVAC, Energy Resources, Manufacturing and even Robotics.

Salary Range

Entry: 50K – 56K per annum (NZD)

Experienced (2+ years: 57K – 77K per annum (NZD)