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Project Engineer Jobs

Project Engineer Jobs

How to Enter

To become a Project Engineer within the Rail and Transportation industry, New Zealand employers expect you to have experience in both Project Management and Engineering. A common way to do that is to hold a Bachelor of Engineering or Engineering Technology and have experience in managing complex or large engineering projects. Alternatively, you can also take qualifications in Project Management, such as a PMI or Prince.

Typical Responsibilities

The typical responsibilities of a Project Engineer can include some or all of the following:

  • Forecasting and planning engineering resources and activities for projects

  • Liaising between Project Management and Engineering teams

  • Managing performance of third-party vendors and suppliers

  • Calculating and reporting financial costs of projects

  • Managing quality control processes

  • Provide training to Engineering team when required


After a few years, a Project Engineer will develop experience in both Project and Engineering Management. This experience can open several career paths for an ambitious Engineer, including moving into a more senior Project or Engineering Management role, or progressing into other areas of management such as Resource Planning, Budget Estimation or Health and Safety.

Salary Range

Entry: 45K – 75K per annum (NZD)

Experienced: 100K – 120K per annum (NZD)